Service Times:

Sunday - 9:00am &  10:45am

 For your convenience, all Kidz Ministry classrooms are open and ready to receive children 15 minutes prior to the start of  each scheduled service time (newborn - 5th grade).


Check-In & Check Out Procedure

On your first visit you will be given a Family Registration Form at a Child Check-In Kiosk in the hallway. Each week thereafter

you will check - in your child thru the kiosk with your pass code.

Our Staff and Volunteers

While with us, your children will be cared for by loving and caring assistants.  All of our Kidz Ministry classrooms are staffed by volunteers who have undergone a background check and have been approved by our Pastoral Staff for ministry in this area.

 Age and Graduation

  • Infants graduate into the Toddler Class after they turn 16 months old.  If a child is not walking by 18 months, they may remain in the Infant Class until they are able to walk.  
  • Toddlers graduate to preschool on their 3rd birthday as long as they are out of diapers. 
  • Children who are going into the 1st grade will be moved from the preschool Class to Elementary on Promotion Sunday, the first Sunday in August. 
  • Children who are going into the 6th grade will be moved from the Elementary Class to the Decision Youth Group on Promotion Sunday, the first Sunday in August. 


For the safety and well being of your children, all of our classrooms are monitored by security cameras.


We believe that every child is gift from God, and for this reason, we also believe that it is a great honor and responsibility to be allowed to take part in the Spiritual growth of your child.